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Keep Keyfobs Shielded During Auto Service

The Mission Darkness Blokstart Keyfob Shield™ is a patent-pending, durable faraday enclosure for preventing vehicle engines from starting during auto service. Smart keyfobs allow a vehicle to start without a physical key in the ignition, which may destroy the engine or harm the mechanic during service. When the keyfob is placed inside of the Blokstart Keyfob Shield, all signal is instantly blocked, preventing the ignition from communicating with the keyfob.

The Blokstart Keyfob Shield is designed for mechanic use, specifically, any location where oil change and vehicle maintenance occurs. The enclosure is made to withstand frequent use and resist and oil and grime. It's built with a durable polymer outer coating to repel oil and grime. The interior includes three layers of high-shielding Titan RF faraday fabric on all sides with dual paired seam construction. The bag will block all wireless signals including WiFi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals including 5G networks, GPS, RFID, NFC, and radio signals with 60dB-80dB average attenuation from low MHz to 5GHz spectrum. It uses a single flap magnetic closure allowing easy access to contents inside. Magnetic side wings attach to metal surfaces and can even conform to irregular or rounded objects such as poles or podiums.

The Blokstart Keyfob Shield is a simple and effective solution for ensuring that no unwanted signal communication occurs, thus maintaining customer, vehicle, and mechanic safety.


  • Specialized faraday bag designed for vehicle safety and security
  • Additional applications are for shielding small electronics from radio frequency signals for law enforcement forensic investigators, executive travel, data security, and EMP protection
  • Isolates the smart "always-on" keyfob signal, ensuring that the vehicle will not recognize that the fob is in close proximity
  • Prevents accidental engine starting during service and malicious vehicle access
  • Large interior space can fit a full keyset and accompanying accessories
  • Durable polymer outer coating protects the bag from residue and oily hands
  • Lined with three layers of high-shielding titan RF Faraday fabric on all interior sides with dual paired seam construction (TitanRF Faraday Fabric is lab certified MIL STD 188-125 compliant)
  • Blocks WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals including 5G networks, GPS, RFID, NFC, and radio signals with 60-80dB average attenuation
  • EMI, EMR, and EMF shielding
  • Neodymium magnetic side wings adhere to any magnetic surface, even non-flat
  • Easy to open and close with single fold magnetic closure
  • Usage instructions are printed on the front of the enclosure, so all employees will know how to use
  • Unique serial number on every bag
  • Made in the USA

Designed for Mechanic/Technician Use at Oil Change Stations

Using the Blokstart Keyfob Shield during any auto service eliminates the hazard of smart "always-on" keyfobs, and ensures the safety of the mechanic/technician and vehicle security. Any service center not using a Blokstart Keyfob Shield is at risk of accidentally destroying the engine, harming the mechanic, or allowing malicious vehicle access.

Magnetic Side Wings and Closure

The bag is constructed with neodymium magnetic side wings, which can adhere to any magnetic surface, such as irregularly shaped podiums, monitors, kiosk stands, etc.

Durable Polymer Coating

Extremely durable polymer outer coating repels oil and grime, extending the lifespan and quality of the bag. Residue can be wiped away easily.

Unique Serial # On Each Bag

Each bag is uniquely serialized to assist with asset tracking and vehicle



  • Large opening accommodates any size fob or keyset
  • Internal usable dimensions (devices must fit inside these dimensions): 9"W x 5.5"H

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