UVC Foldable UV Light Wand

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Name: Foldable UV Light Wand 

Model: H1

Lifetime: ∼8000 hours 

Power Supply: 4x AAA Batteries or USB power source (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED)

Rated Power: 3W

Work Environment: 0-60℃

Relative Humidity: 10-75%

Weight: 65g (Excl. batteries)

Colour: White 

Dimensions: 125 x 35 x 25mm 

Product Includes 

1 x Foldable UV Light wand 

1 x USB cable

1 x Instruction Manual 


  • ABS plastic housing: Portable clamshell design, space-saving, to sterilize in the required area at any time.
  • Portable style, easy to take and use. Suitable for households, travel, business, healthcare industries.
  • UV-C light help to eliminate bacteria, viruses fungus, moulds etc, keep your life free from germs.
  • Products used in daily life, chopsticks, spoons, dishes, telephone handsets, desk, toilets, public places, automobile, etc, free from harmful bacterial pathogens. Keeping your rooms, closets and household appliances in a “Germ-Free” antiseptic environment.
  • With protect safety switch, UV-C light will automatically turn off if the device is turned upward.
  • Can be powered either by 4 pcs AAA batteries or Micro USB cable.


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