40,000+ people secured with Silent Pocket. Trusted by military, business leaders, travellers and governments departments worldwide. 

  • blocks Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMP, EMF, and Radiation. 
  • Use Silent Pocket products when you want to be disconnected, undetectable, untraceable, and unhackable.

There are more than 8 billion phones in the world, a fact that threatens your privacy, security, and health. With Silent Pocket Faraday protection, you can regain control over your mobile devices...

We get it. Privacy and security are inconvenient topics, and you may feel like you have nothing to hide. But the fact is that in the modern world, your laptop is never really off, your phone emits a signal (even in aeroplane mode), and everything from your passport to your credit cards contains RFID. And all of it contains valuable, private information that is easily exploited in the wrong hands.

Silent Pocket offers a range of products you already use (wallets, bags, travel gear, laptop sleeves, key cases), but with the added protection of our patented Faraday technology, which turns your devices invisible, and safe, from the outside world.

Wallets, bags, sleeves + more that make your devices invisible to the world, Timeless design with patented Silent Pocket Faraday Cage technology.

 Enjoy instant peace of mind.

 As seen in Wired, Forbes, Tech Crunch.