Water-resistant RF Blocking Key Fob Faraday Pouch

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Keyless car fob signal blocking technology 

An increase in car theft is linked to the number of cars featuring keyless entry and keyless technology.

Ensure your vehicle is kept protected with this signal-blocking pouch. Each pouch uses a Faraday cage which blocks the RF and NFC signals transmitted by your car's keyless entry fob and prevents thieves from intercepting these signals and gaining entry into your vehicle.

Using techniques such as replay attacks

Ideal for use with credit and debit cards

The RF signal blocking pouch is designed with protection and convenience in mind. It features twin pockets meaning it can be used with your credit and debit cards. The pouch ensures your sensitive information is kept safe and secure, giving you the peace of mind that your cards are not being read remotely without your knowledge. 

Place your car key/fob or credit card into the pouch, close, and fully seal the velcro pouch, ensuring there are no gaps. Once filled, all signals will be blocked.


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