Aus Earth Tester

Aus Earth Tester

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Older homes may not have adequately grounded power sockets. It is the user's responsibility to ensure their power sockets are correctly connected to the earth.
All of our cords and the Earthing plug have inbuilt safety systems to ensure no harm to the user in the event of a fault.

Check the front of socket tester to identify the 'CORRECT' LED light sequence

  • Quick and easy to use: Simply plug the tester into any electrical outlet and check the LED lights to ensure that the outlet is properly grounded.

  • Reliable results: Our socket tester provides reliable results, helping you to identify any potential electrical safety hazards quickly and easily.

  • Essential for grounding: Ensuring that your electrical outlets have a reliable 'Earth' connection is essential for maintaining proper grounding in your home or office, and for protecting yourself and your devices from electrical surges.

  • Compatible with NZ and AUS outlets: Our socket tester is designed specifically for use with NZ and AUS electrical outlets, making it a convenient and practical tool for anyone these countries.

  • Peace of mind: With our Earthing Socket Tester, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical outlets are properly grounded and that you and your devices are protected from electrical hazards.

How to use:
  • Insert socket tester
  • Turn on plug
  • Confirm 'CORRECT' LED light sequence is showing.

You must contact an electrician for further investigation if any other arrangement is shown.

We recommend testing for 'Earth' when using all our Earthing mats, earthing sheets, and grounding mats.


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