Defendershield EMF Radiation Protection Beanie Cap Adult Size

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 Defendershield EMF Radiation Protection Beanie Cap Adult Size

The soft and comfortable DefenderShield® EMF Radiation Protection Beanie Cap can block up to 99% of wireless EMF & 5th Generation radiation up to 10 GHz from reaching the top of your head.

Product Description

The DefenderShield® EMF Radiation Protection Beanie Cap offers comfortable and stylish Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation protection for your head. Made with a lightweight blend of cotton and nylon and lined with EMF shielding silver fabric, the DefenderShield EMF Protection Beanie can be worn day or night, in both cold and temperate climates to help shield yourself or your baby from ambient EMF emissions in the environment or EMF radiation emitting from your devices.

Perfect For: travel, on-the-go, school, work, entertainment, dense EMF environments

All Features:

  • Advanced shielding blocks 99% of wireless Radio Frequency (RF) EMF radiation and 5th Generation radiation (300 Hz-10 GHz)
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and stretchy
  • Made with cotton, nylon, and EMF shielding silver fabric
  • Fold to get a perfect fit
  • Antimicrobial silver-fiber fabric is breathable and resistant to odor and bacteria

The DefenderShield® EMF Protection Beanie Shields:

Fifth Generation Wireless (RF Radiation)Cellular Radiation (RF Radiation)WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation)Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation)

How to Use:

The bottom of the DefenderShield EMF Shielding Beanie can be folded over to shorten the length of the beanie, and it can be folded under to create a more secure fit around the head. Thanks to the lightweight material, you can easily layer under other hats, caps, and headwear to suit your needs.

Use while near EMF-emitting devices, at night, or in locations where ambient EMF radiation coming from hot spots, WiFi routers, and/or cell phone towers is present.

Baby Beanie Specifications:
Circumference (in): 13-17
Weight (lb): 0.0375

Child Beanie Specifications:
Circumference (in): 20-25
Weight (lb): 0.0875

Adult Beanie Specifications:
Circumference (in): 23-28
Weight (lb): 0.0875

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