Eve Fleur - EMF RF Shielding Minky Dot Sensorial Blanket

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Made In Australia
This blanket is designed to offer versatility, comfort, and peace of mind throughout various stages of early development.

The reversible sensorial Minky Dot blanket serves multiple purposes from pregnancy to early childhood. It provides a cozy wrap for expectant mothers and becomes a comforting throw blanket for young children. What's more, this blanket acts as a protective shield when using wireless devices like mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and laptops.

Safeguarding pregnant mothers' and growing children's health and well-being from harmful EMF and RF frequencies emitted by modern technology. The specially designed fabric ensures that your developing baby is shielded from these potential risks.

Eve Fleur EMF/RF shielding products that have been rigorously tested and certified to offer maximum protection so you can trust that every item provides the highest level of shielding benefits.

A perfect combination of style, functionality, and protection for your family. Prioritize their well-being - they deserve the best.

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Bamboo, jersey knit, minky, velvet
  • Bed size: toddler us/ca
  • Width: 70 centimetres
  • Length: 95 centimetres

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