Fire Shield Briefcase Style Locking Satchel

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This heavy-duty secure locking briefcase-style bag is protected by high security, built-in key, tamper-resistant Arcolock-7®. It is the ideal product to store and transport coins, cash and valuable documents. Used by Government departments Australia wide.

The fabric guards against fire damage until the contents can be safely retrieved. It has been laboratory tested to withstand high temperatures typical of automobile fires.

It's tough, durable multi-layer construction includes a carbonized inner liner that quickly snuffs flames.

Dimensions: 46cm wide x 35.5 cm high

Tough, durable multi-layer construction. Fire barrier core is a carbon layer with fibres that carbonize when exposed to intense heat or flame.

Ideal for secure transport of documents, it is suitable for applications that require "bag-in-a-bag" security.

  • Made from tough Cordura fabric
  • High security, tamper-resistant Arcolock 7-pin tumbler mechanism 
  • Top and side zip chain for easy access 
  • Framed address window with external access
  • Tamper-resistant, hard metal close tolerance zip
  • Each bag/satchel is supplied with 2 keys
  • Requires a key to open and close the lock

Each satchel is supplied with 2 keys. Locked products will be supplied with a keyed lock. If you wish to purchase keyed alike or master keyed bags, please email to enquire. Keyed alike or master keyed bags are custom made to order.

    Custom made products, the delivery time is approximately 6 weeks. Please email for more details.

     Minimum quantity: 10 units for custom made products

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