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Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum which is responsible for keeping you alert. While it’s naturally present in sunlight, it’s also found in the light emitted from your iPad screen. And it’s not always a good thing.

Some exposure to blue light is necessary — it penetrates your retinas, giving your brain a morning cue to wake up and seize the day. However, too much screen time can have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing, causing headaches, eye strain and fatigue, just to name a few.

Blue light also restricts the production of melatonin (a chemical that helps us sleep) which disrupts your natural sleep cycle and causes you to feel lethargic, irritable and unproductive. Not what anyone needs to function daily!

Can’t I just turn on the built-in blue light filter?
As you may know, iPads have their own built-in blue light filter called ‘Night Shift’ which changes the colour temperature of your screen to make it less stimulating. This is great for reducing and neutralising blue light to avoid exposure to the harmful rays that result in adverse side effects.

However, the problem with this feature is your screen will have a not-so-attractive orange glow that could disrupt your viewing. Night Shift mode may work well at night and when you’re planning to unwind but it’s not practical during the day if you’re doing colour sensitive work or need more light. Having this feature switched on reduces screen quality, so when you use built-in device solutions, you have to make a sacrifice.

Ocushield’s blue light screen protectors for iPads block out any harmful blue light before it reaches your eyes. This helps you get the most out of your device day and night, without worrying about the consequences of blue light. Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body so it’s essential you protect them and prevent digital eye strain, blurred vision and pesky headaches.

Developed by qualified optometrists, our medically-accredited anti blue light iPad screen protectors mean you never have to choose between screen quality and blue light protection again. All you need to do is fit the filter using the applicator provided to your iPad screen, and you’re ready to go.

  • Improve sleep, protect eyes and skin from harmful blue light
  • Prevents digital eye strain and headaches
  • True colours, a crystal clear picture
  • Reinforced tempered glass to protect your screens
  • Easy to apply, applicator tray included. No more bubbles!
  • Designed & developed by Optometrists in the UK
  • Accredited Class 1 Medical Device by the MHRA

How to know if your blue light filter is working?
Some people test their anti blue light products using a gimmicky blue light card. However, this doesn’t do the job. With any such product, we want to look at the blue light that’s absorbed and at what wavelengths.

It’s important to seek clarification via an official spectrometer report from a lab. Blue light is most harmful to eyes between 370-455nm. This can be damaging in the short-term, causing headaches and eye strain, and long-term, leading to eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

The majority of blue light from screens is emitted after 405nm, which means an iPad filter should limit harmful rays from this point onwards.

What’s in the package
✦ Anti blue light screen protector for iPad (tempered glass which doesn’t affect screen colours)
✦ Cloth & dust removers
✦ Easy applicator
✦ Full instructions on application and usage

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