OFFGRID® Utility Faraday Duffel Bag

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Secure multiple devices at once with a Utility Bag that offers the size and strength to isolate many signals simultaneously. Operatives and executives no longer need to compromise the protection of certain devices with a large Utility Bag. This duffel bag offers the same great protection of every other compact EDEC bag, but with an unprecedented amount of space for every device in question.

The bag has the same outward appearance as any other travel duffel to maintain a low profile when transporting sensitive devices. Although this bag looks like any other duffel, it is capable of complete signal security at any location, including near a cell tower. 

  • Highest RF signal attenuation on the market with ISOTech Faraday construction
  • Transparent Thermoplastic polyurethane pocket for identification card
  • Large carrying capacity to hold multiple laptops
  • High-quality construction and ballistic fabrics

Large Dimensions: 22" L x 10" W x 10" H

XL Dimensions: 40″ L x 20″ W x 20″ H

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