OFFGRID® Faraday Stack

OFFGRID® Faraday Stack

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The perfect solution for sensitive areas like conference rooms, embassies, courtrooms, vessels or anywhere else tracking or eavesdropping is a concern.

OffGrid Stack is a modular Faraday shielding solution for the bulk storage of mobile devices. Each stack array can carry up to 30 mobile phones. The modular design allows access to individual phones without compromising the security off other devices.

Stack modules are built around the OFFGRID Extract bag. Each device is shielded by the Extracts multi-layer shielding system and features quick access ripcord technology so users can retrieve their devices with ease. The extract modules attach to the panel array by a sturdy molle attachment clip. The molle panel is made of rugged Cordura nylon, and 16 grommets serve your custom anchoring needs.

Extract bags are constructed with propriety multi-layer shielding system and have a single-fold velcro seal backed by a magnetic closure to create a continuous closed loop eliminating any gaps that can be infiltrated by wireless signals. 


Panels are available in Olive, Black and Tan.

Weight 4kg

Assembled dimensions 34in x 24in

RF Shielding Spectrum 1MHz-40GHz

Average Attenuation 85db (attenuation greater than 100db in most commercial communication brands)

Max screen size 6.8in

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