SafeSleeve for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

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SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation and RFID Blocking Wallet Case

Discover the perfect fusion of safety and convenience with SafeSleeve's meticulously crafted wallet case. These cases prioritize your well-being by incorporating FCC accredited lab-tested shielding technology. This technology provides a safer smartphone experience by effectively blocking up to 99% of Radio Frequencies (5G, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.) and up to 92% of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation (battery, AC power, etc.) emitted by your device. Additionally, your essentials remain secure with the built-in RFID blocking wallet.


  • Detachable Model:

    • Experience added flexibility with the SafeSleeve Detachable model. Its seamless magnetic removal of the protective inner case is perfect for use with Magnetic Car Mounts or when you prefer to keep your device at a distance.
  • Non-Detachable Model:

    • For those who appreciate a sleek one-piece design, the SafeSleeve Non-Detachable model is the ideal choice. It encapsulates the same exceptional anti-radiation and RFID blocking features in a lightweight and practical case, ensuring a safer and more intelligent way to carry your device.
  • Slim Model:

    • The SafeSleeve Slim incorporates lab-tested EMF blocking technology, which can effectively block up to 99% of Radio Frequencies (5G, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.) and up to 92% of ELF (battery, AC power, etc.) cell phone radiation from your device. This slim and lightweight phone case provides maximum protection for both your device and your well-being.

Common Features Across All Models:

  • Anti-Radiation Protection: Blocks up to 99% of Radio Frequencies and up to 92% of ELF radiation from your device.
  • RFID Blocking Wallet: Ensures the safety of your cards, protecting them from potential identity theft.

Upgrade to SafeSleeve today and embrace a smarter, safer way to protect your device with SafeSleeve's anti-radiation and RFID blocking wallet case. FCC accredited cases block up to 99% RF and 92% ELF radiation.

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