S4T Tamper Evident Tape (continuous)

S4T Tamper Evident Tape (continuous)

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High-quality tamper evident tape, specifically designed to provide unrivaled security for your valuable packages and sealed containers. This tape features an eye-catching orange color with bold black print, serving as a visual deterrent against tampering.

Crafted with a high residue, total transfer adhesive, this tape adheres firmly to surfaces, leaving behind clear evidence of tampering and making it virtually impossible to remove without detection.

Any attempt to tamper with the tape will result in the prominent "VOID" message appearing on both the tape itself and the underlying surface, serving as an immediate indicator of unauthorized access.

Measuring 50 meters in length and 50 mm wide, this tamper evident tape is ideal for various packaging applications. Its compact size ensures ease of use and allows for seamless application on different items, guaranteeing their protection throughout the shipping and handling process.

Safeguard your packages and gain peace of mind knowing that your valuable shipments are protected against unauthorized access. Order now and experience the unparalleled security provided by our orange tape with black print.

  • Orange tape with black print
  • High residue, total transfer tape
  • "VOID" message appears on tape and surface to indicate tampering
  • 50 m x 50 mm wide

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