S4T Tamper Evident Tape (perforated)

S4T Tamper Evident Tape (perforated)

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High-quality tamper evident tape, the perfect solution for safeguarding your valuable packages and sealed containers. Designed with utmost security in mind, this orange tape with black print provides a visual deterrent against tampering and ensures the integrity of your items.

With its high residue, total transfer adhesive, this tape adheres securely to surfaces, making it virtually impossible to remove without leaving behind clear evidence of tampering. Any attempt to tamper with the tape will cause the distinctive "VOID" message to appear both on the tape itself and the underlying surface, indicating immediate tampering.

The sequential numbering on the tape adds an additional layer of security and traceability, allowing you to easily identify any compromised packages or containers. Each sequential number provides a unique identifier, making it simple to monitor and track the security of your sealed items.

To further enhance ease of use, the tamper evident tape is perforated at 150 mm intervals, making it effortless to tear off the desired length without the need for additional tools. With a generous length of 75 meters, and measuring 150 mm long and 50 mm wide, this tape ensures you have an ample supply to protect multiple items, packages, or containers.

Invest in the reliability and peace of mind that our tamper evident tape provides, knowing that your valuable shipments and sealed products are protected against tampering and unauthorised access.

  • Orange tape with black print
  • High residue, total transfer tape
  • Sequential numbering
  • "VOID" message appears on tape and surface to indicate tampering
  • Perforated at 150 mm intervals
  • 75 m x 150 mm long x 50 mm wide

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