EMF-Turtal EMF Shielding Paint Sample 200ml - Powder

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HF / LF, 5G, LTE Shielding

EMF Paint
EMF paints are conductive and must be grounded as per electrical regulations by a qualified electrician. F.Q.A Below. Grounding plates can be purchased here.

Introducing the latest technology in shielding paint, EMF Turtal, using nontoxic graphene and graphite technology. Will provide the highest shielding capacity all the way up to and past 40 gigahertz! There are many advantages to this new shielding paint. First, it uses a new, patented 'graphene' technology. It is packaged as a 'powder', with unlimited storage life (before mixing with water). Best of all, it is nontoxic with no chemical ingredients such as antifreeze or solvents.

This sample gives 250ml of ready-to-use shielding paint for 1m² (one layer) when 170ml of water is added.

Our carbon-based 5G shielding paint PLV has many advantages, high-frequency radio exposure of mobile phones, mobile internet, 5G, WLAN, DECT, GSM, LTE, etc. are shielded highly efficiently and reliably.

The electrical fields of the domestic low-frequency current (alternating current) are grounded and can be almost completely shielded or discharged.

This 5G shielding paint is based on pure acrylate, graphite, and graphene technology. We offer the paint in powder form so that it is largely frost-resistant and can be stored for several years without losing its properties. An easy to apply, high-yield shielding paint. 


The shielding effectiveness was measured by an independent expert opinion.
The shielding attenuation values (1-layer, 2-layer) measured by an independent expert can be found in the linked expert opinion.
We recommend (depending on the radiation exposure on-site) to always protect yourself with at least two coats of paint.


All shielding attenuation values given apply to frequencies from 500 MHz to 40 GHz and were measured in an expert opinion by Professor Pauli in Munich.

Measurement location: at the measurement stand of the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich.


Thanks to many years of intensive research work and innovative product development, our 5G shielding paint (powder) has a shielding effectiveness in a very wide frequency range (from low-frequency to high-frequency radiation).
The strength of our shielding paint lies mainly in the shielding of the - in future often used - very high frequencies as with 5G. Since the product launch in 2019 this includes the two 5G frequency spectra FR1 (600 MHz to 6 GHz) and FR2 (24GHz to 40 GHz).


We have an independently prepared, external expert opinion from a longtime renowned expert for high-frequency radar and microwave technology (Prof. Pauli, former University of the German Federal Armed Forces). From this independent expert opinion, you can see the shielding values from 500 MHz up to 40 GHz.


Fire behavior: This product is flame-retardant. Further details can be found in the enclosed safety data sheet.

Substrate: Excellent adhesion to almost all substrates such as old paint, plasterboard, wallpaper, plaster, concrete, polystyrene, wood (unpainted), etc.

Further details can be found in the processing datasheet.

Can be painted over: Should preferably be painted over with dispersion paint for interior use. Do not use wallpaper ABOVE the shielding paint, as the adhesive could dilute it and reduce its protection and the adhesion of the wallpaper to shielding paint is not recommended or guaranteed by us. In any case, avoid all clay-based paints. For natural or biological silicate emulsion paints, lime, and casein paints, we recommend that you always carry out a test before use, as not all paints adhere to graphites/graphene in the same way! We do not recommend pure mineral paints (clay, pure silicate).
Connection: Must be earthed! We recommend the use of a grounding kit and a grounding plug for indoor use.

Important notes: The electrical installation (fuse boxes) must consist of at least two earth fault safety switches (RCDs) (often generally 300 mA and one for the bathroom and 30 mA water rooms). In order to absorb extremely low-frequency electrical fields, the earth resistance should ideally be below 10 Ohm. Ask a qualified electrician for more information. Please note that the earth has no influence on the elimination of high frequencies, only on safety and extremely low-frequency electrical fields.

Field type: LF (extremely low-frequency alternating electric fields), HF (high-frequency electromagnetic fields)

Ingredients: pure acrylic binder, graphite, graphene
VOC content: 0.2 g/l (the EU limit value for category A/a has been 30 g/l since 2010)
Adhesive tensile strength: 2.2 N/mm² with the addition of 1.5 liters of water for PLV 2.5 (powder).

After mixing the powder with water, we recommend applying the paint within approx. 6 weeks.

Shelf life: in powder form, several years
This powder for shielding paint is largely frost-resistant for the transport of packages in winter.

Solvent-free, breathable, and low emission.

F.A.Q. Application

On which surfaces can EMF-Turtal be applied ?

Suitable for use on primed surfaces such as plaster, concrete, stone, gypsum plasterboard, gypsum fibre boards as well as on woodchip wallpaper, paper wallpaper, non-woven paints, dispersion and silicate paints. By priming absorbent substrates, paint consumption can be significantly minimized and paint adhesion improved. Unsuitable are e.g. glue and lime paints, oil paints, plastic, metal, painted wood, substrates with wallpaper adhesive residues.

Can EMF-Turtal be painted on wallpaper ? Or first painting and then wallpapering ?

EMF-Turtal can easily be painted on conventional wallpaper. It is always advisable to wallpaper first and then paint EMF-Turtal. We advise against the use under wallpaper, because the performance of the shield can be reduced by using paste directly on the shielding paint and an optimal adhesion of the wallpaper can not be guaranteed.

Can I coat EMF-Turtal with wall paint ?

Yes EMF-Turtal can be painted over with conventional dispersion paint, unsuitable for painting over are e.g. glue paints and lime paints as well as oil paints.

Do I have to pre-use EMF-Turtal to prime the walls ?

All untreated and absorbent substrates (all raw plasters, plasterboard, gypsum fibre) must be primed. Do not prime dispersion paints but clean well. Sand glossy dispersion paints additionally. Untreated paper wallpapers such as woodchip wallpaper and painter’s fleece can be coated directly.

How much water do I have to add when using EMF-Turtal powder ? (not sample size)

Put one bag of EMF-TURTAL PLV 2.5 for 2.5 litres of shielding paint into a 10 litre bucket and stir vigorously with 1.50 – 1,75 litres of water and a stirring staff/wood until there is no loose powder left in the bucket. Stir the entire mixture for at least 10 minutes with a machine stirrer (cordless screwdriver & whisk) for wall paint. After mixing, leave to stand for approx. 10 – 20 minutes and stir for another 1-2 minutes, now the paint can be applied.

F.A.Q. Ground

Can I do the grounding myself ? Or better an electrician ?

The earthing may only be connected by qualified personnel (electricians)! Since the shielding paint is electrically conductive, live parts must under no circumstances be brought into contact with the paint. Failure to do so may result in death!

Must each wall be grounded separately? Or can a grounding strap ground several walls?

If possible, ground each wall that has a socket with earth separately. If there is only one socket, glue the grounding tape from there over all walls and then coat with shielding paint.

F.A.Q. Shield

Why does the package say 29-58 dB ? And in the report up to 65 dB have been measured.

The values indicated on the package are mean values for two layers with a quantity of 200g/m². Depending on the frequency the shielding value varies e.g. at 40Ghz 65dB & at 5,8 Ghz 38dB shielding attenuation.

Does it have to be painted twice ?

Two coats must be applied to achieve optimum shielding. Apply shielding paint richly, evenly and without build-up with a brush, roller or brush.




Important: Please make absolutely sure that neither WLAN nor mobile phones are used in shielded rooms, as the shielding paint has reflective properties and thus the radiation within a room can be amplified by reflections.
We recommend that the radiation exposure (and the direction of the radio radiation) be determined by qualified personnel before any shielding measure is taken in order to avoid undesirable – possibly negative – effects.
Please ask a building biologist – or look for a qualified trade fair expert in your area. For professional radio frequency shielding, it may also be necessary to shield your windows and doors.

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Tracy B.

EMF - shielding paint

Used it on several electric guitars. Shielding the electrical cavities...great job.

Australia Australia

Turtal EMF Shielding Paint Sample

Very good product. Just us advertised. Perfect for application required.