DIY Faraday Protection Tips and Tricks

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Need a more custom solution to blocking EMF?

Are you looking to create a Faraday bag or box to protect your devices from EMP or snooping and surveillance?

With that said, let's dive in and see some DIY projects you can build today.

Time to get creative!

Why Build a Custom Solution?

You may be asking "Why would I make my own Faraday bag when I can buy them already made?" 

Great question.

You may run into a few situations where the size of your project is quite large, or you have odd dimensions, for example, building your Faraday box or covering a smart meter.

Only some people's homes have the same range of variables, so it is impossible to provide a universally applicable solution for all of them, so a more custom solution is needed.

Also, Going the DIY route and building a custom solution can save you money.

Smart Meter Cover

Many electricity suppliers in the last decade have implemented smart meters to measure power consumption. To improve efficiency, the desire to get accurate readings remotely and continuously is beneficial. 

However, there is concern regarding sending this information to your provider, which often requires wireless radio frequencies via Wi-Fi and cell towers.

Continuous RF emissions and their impact on consumer health have been a frequent topic of debate online and in the smart meter industry. 

Privacy invasion is another primary concern for smart meter consumers. The device sends real-time, detailed information to the power company about electricity usage, providing reports that could extract more specifics about the consumer and their habits. 

These reports could allow companies to infer behavioral patterns of the occupants, ranging from sleeping habits to the type of devices you are using when you are using them and whether or not you are home. This data is collected by private corporations and is eventually up for sale. Debt collectors use this data to infer if the occupants are home. Additionally, this information could be observed by the government and police entities. It can even be used to decide exactly where to cut power when necessary.

Please take a look at this helpful video by our friends over at MOS Equipment

DIY Faraday Box 

Phone Cover

When the manufacturers test cell phones for compliance, they do so with a separation between the phone and the body to continue being compliant with the FCC (and other European bodies) guidelines. 

Cell phones were never designed to be carried against the body. Yet, most users are unaware of this significant safety warning buried within their mobile phone's user manual under the word 'Legal".

Please take a look at our previous blog post on 


Building a faraday bag for your phone has never been easier!

Room or Whole House Protection

Got a bigger job? Let's say a whole house or room?

This is where DIY shines! But can also increase the complexity.

One way to protect the inside of your home is with EMF protection paint. This particular type of paint can block EMF radiation. Unfortunately, when EMF enters our homes, it can cause up to five times more radiation than we may experience outdoors. With EMF protection paint, you can reduce this harmful exposure and keep your family safe from its potential adverse effects on health. 

This type of paint has been specially engineered to contain materials that deflect electromagnetic waves away from the interior walls of your home. It forms an invisible shield around the walls to prevent these waves from entering the space within them.

Check out our write-up on EMF paint and how it can help you to EMF proof your House or a small room.

EMF Protection Picture Frame Liner 

This can be used in place of the EMF protection paint and is a straightforward project. 

It is essentially a simple faraday fabric liner that blocks EMF radiation that can be put in any frame allowing you to frame a picture, poster, or just about anything and then hang that up on the wall you share with your smart meter to block the radiation from the other side. 

This is likely not to be quite as thorough since you can't easily cover as large of an area, but it is much simpler and cheaper than the EMF protection paint and smaller localized jobs.

Testing your DIY Solution

One protective item that is worth the investment is a high-quality EMF reader. 

An EMF reader can allow you to gauge the efficacy of your DIY Faraday solution, which is always a good idea.

For example, there's no sense in using your protective cell phone case if it's not offering you any protection.

An EMF reader will give you peace of mind knowing your solution works!


For those on the hunt for an entry-level EMF meter, the TriField TF2 is the "gold standard" model. It's intuitive and easy to use, but it can also measure three forms of EMF radiation: electric fields, magnetic fields, and radio waves.


In conclusion, creating your DIY emf blocking solution is a great way to protect yourself and your family from any potential health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation. And not to mention protection from surveillance and potential EMP attacks.

It can be low-cost, effective, and help significantly reduce the amount of EMF exposure you experience in your home or office environment. Many materials used to make your own EMF shielding devices are cheap and effective.

Don't forget to take a peak at our vast range of solutions available in our online store.

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