Cellsafe has developed a revolutionary NEW Smart Radi-Chip technology, giving you the freedom to use any protective phone / iPad case or to enjoy your device.

Be safer with Cellsafe.

The Cellsafe® Radi Chip™ patent pending technology consists of multiple layers of specially formulated microwave absorbing materials combined with a specially engineered passive inductive directional RF coupler. These layers absorb most of the transmitted RF signal from the mobile phone's antenna while the RF coupler controls and disperses the signal towards the back of the phone.  Devices that claim to act as ‘shields’ may significantly interfere with the phone's normal operation. Reduced or redirected transmission levels caused by such shielding products can interfere with call reception and quality and may also cause calls to drop out. Unlike these' shielding' devices, the Radi Chip technology has been scientifically tested and proven not to interfere with the transmission signal or call reception.