Dash 8

The Dash 8 is an 8 wheeled security case fitted with a security rated SCEC keyed BiLock and two external TSA combination lock latches. Meeting the measurement requirements for carry-on hand luggage for domestic, including Dash 8 aircraft and international aircraft.
Used by government departments Australia wide to transport high-security sensitive material.
The Dash 8 is fitted with a padded section for carrying a laptop, two clipped divider panels and mesh pockets.
The internals can be customised with pick & pluck foam or hi-density foam for carrying laptop computers, computer hardware or security-related equipment. 

  • Constructed from tough ABS plastic.
  • Fitted with an approved Security BiLock and Cam
  • Moulded tongue and grove metal frame
  • Each top and the bottom shell is blind riveted to the metal frame for extra security
  • TSA latches with combination locks are mounted on either side of the study top grab handle.
  • Pull up handle system and 4 sturdy wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Lightweight