26800mAh Solar Power Bank with Solar Charger

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6800mAh Ultra High Capacity Power Bank. Designed for ultimate convenience, it complies with airline regulations, making it travel-friendly. The built-in 26800mAh lithium polymer battery is compatible with various devices, including iPhones, iPads, Samsung devices, tablets, and any other mobile phones with Qi-enabled technology. Experience the freedom of charging your devices on the go, with the ability to charge the iPhone X approximately 7 times, iPhone 8 around 10 times, and Samsung Galaxy S8 about 6.5 times. This power bank is a must-have for frequent travelers or those who spend extended periods away from power sources.

Enjoy high-speed charging with our advanced technology. When using a 5.0V/2.0A charger, the power bank recharges itself in just 13 hours, whereas conventional phone chargers (typically 5.0V/1.0A) may take up to 25 hours. Additionally, a day of solar charging provides three hours of lighting. Equipped with three USB output ports and VoltageBoost technology, this power bank ensures continuous power for up to three devices simultaneously. Its smart technology automatically detects the current of your devices and delivers the optimal output, guaranteeing efficient and rapid charging. With the added convenience of solar charging, you can replenish the power of your devices anytime and anywhere, eliminating concerns about running out of battery while on the go.

Experience the durability of our IP66 water-resistant power bank, internationally recognized for its superior performance. It has been tested against powerful water jets for at least three minutes, proving its ability to withstand water exposure. Its rugged construction not only protects against water but also ensures resistance to dust and shocks, making it an ideal companion for longer wilderness adventures. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and durable power bank in any outdoor environment.

This versatile power bank also functions as a multi-mode emergency flashlight, featuring 18 LED lights with four modes: flashlight, dim light, SOS, and strobe. It serves as an excellent backup flashlight option during outdoor excursions or in situations where your primary flashlight malfunctions or runs out of battery. Whether you're camping, hiking in the mountains, or enjoying a picnic, this power bank is an essential accessory. The aluminum alloy construction facilitates efficient heat dissipation, ensuring prolonged use of the LED light.

Elevate your charging experience with our 26800mAh Ultra High Capacity Power Bank, designed to deliver reliable power, withstand challenging environments, and provide emergency lighting whenever you need it.

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