Shielded Floor Mat Leblok Defender - for Single Canopy

Shielded Floor Mat Leblok Defender - for Single Canopy

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Use this shielded undermat to create a Faraday cage with your EMF protective canopy

Made from RF shielding fabric which is free of nanotechnology.

If you live in a unit, you can now protect yourself from EMF from below you while you sleep. 

Effectively shields Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G, 3G, GSM, DECT, and all other types of EMF radiation.

This canopy mat should be placed directly under either the bed, mattress, or bottom sheet away from any electrical devices and outlets.

The mat can also be grounded to shield low-frequency electric fields.

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Available in 2 standard sizes

Single Bed: 2.20 m x 1.50 m

Double bed: 2.20 m x 2.20 m

Color: Light Grey

Testing standard: MIL-STD 285 and IEEE 299-1997

Screen attenuation: max. 42 dB (99,99%)

Material: silvered polyamide

Grounding: can be grounded using the General Grounding Kit.

Care instructions

  • Laundry Delicate/Wool cycle 30° C 
  • NO aggressive cleaning agents (recommended  - Leblok washing powder)
  • NO fabric conditioner
  • NO tumble or spin-drying

Check out the Leblok washing powder here

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We produce an extensive range of the highest quality EMF Protective Clothing and accessories, made to the highest standards to protect you and your family. We've got you covered (literally). We provide you with the very best EMF radiation protection — from simple apparel to wall and window coverings, and so much more that you never knew existed in EMF protection. 

Innovative and forward-thinking, we always strive to keep at the forefront of new EMF protection developments, continually monitoring big tech and the new generations of electromagnetic fields to stay one step ahead for your benefit.

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