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Graphene OS Smartphone

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We are thrilled to now offer the GrapheneOS smartphone!

Graphene OS is a mobile operating system centered on privacy and security while maintaining compatibility with Android apps.

This advanced smartphone is a result of thorough privacy and security enhancements at every level. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as a strengthened sandbox and highly advanced security measures, it effectively tackles cyber threats without sacrificing privacy. Furthermore, it's entirely devoid of Google apps.

Graphene OS is the most secure and robust mobile operating system available. It guarantees to never include a backdoor or be susceptible to malware attacks or phishing attempts, whether targeted or not.

Physical Security Measures

  • Robust encryption and Titan M security chip defend your device and data against intricate physical assaults.
  • Verified boot guarantees that your operating system remains unaltered.
  • Auto kill switch: Automatically restarts after a certain period of inactivity.
  • PIN layout scrambling allows you to enter your PIN in public securely. An integrated fingerprint sensor is available as an alternative.

Defense Against Spyware and Zero-Day Exploits

  • Significantly reinforced Android OS for high-security requirements (e.g., hardened stock apps, libc, malloc, compiler toolchain, kernel, filesystem access, WebView).
  • All apps are sandboxed to protect against vulnerable and malicious applications.
  • Hardened browser, WebView, and PDF viewer implementation.
  • Rapid distribution of crucial security updates.
  • Protection against over-the-air exploits through baseband radio processor isolation using IOMMU and an optional LTE-only mode, which massively decreases the cellular radio attack surface.
  • Optional: Complete removal of all microphones, with the option to use a headset for voice communication.

Privacy Protection: No Tracking, No Google

  • Default set-up without cloud or Google Play Services integration, granting you full control. Original Google Play Services can be installed as sandboxed apps without special privileges if needed. This innovative technique offers improved compatibility compared to partial reimplementations like microG while maintaining top-notch security. Please note: This feature is a work-in-progress and may cause some apps to not function as anticipated.
  • Tracking protection: Apps are unable to access device IMEI, serial numbers, SIM card serial numbers, subscriber ID, MAC address, etc.
  • Per-connection MAC randomization prevents monitoring by wireless network scanners.
  • Firewall: Fine-grained network and sensor permissions (e.g., GPS) toggle for every app.
  • Default indicators for active camera, microphone, and location.

Effortless Usability for All Users

  • No bloatware. Minimal secure system with only a few default apps. Additional apps can be manually installed; updates must be authorized.
  • End-to-end encrypted automated backups to USB drives or any cloud storage (e.g., Nextcloud).

Open Source and Remote Attestation

  • Open-source design allowing verification of no hidden backdoors.
  • Remote attestation: hardware-supported validation of phone software's authenticity and integrity.

Who Can Benefit from the GrapheneOS Phone?

  • Professionals requiring a secure smartphone for safeguarding sensitive data and communication.
  • Individuals seeking a privacy-friendly smartphone (without Google or Apple).
  • Organizations aiming to equip their employees with a secure smartphone.
  • Journalists, activists, and NGOs needing protection for themselves and their contacts.

Hardware Specifications

Google Pixel 7a:

  • SoC: Google Tensor G2
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Battery: 4,385mAh
  • Display: 6.1-inch OLED, 2400 x 1080 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate

Why Google Pixel Smartphones?

Unlike most devices, Pixel smartphones feature a Titan M secure element for Verified Boot.
Pixel smartphones have native Android support, enabling swift security update distribution.
Pixel smartphones support custom software installation, such as GrapheneOS, making them ideal for Google-free smartphones.

    Comparison to LineageOS, CalyxOS, /e/ and Others

    LineageOS, CalyxOS, /e/, and similar Android distributions mainly rely on standard Android with their own app selection. Conversely, GrapheneOS is a diligently hardened Android and should be considered its own operating system. Additionally, the previously mentioned distributions often provide security updates late.

    Comparison to Linux Smartphones

    Linux smartphones as an alternative to iOS and Android holds immense promise. With a wealth of existing applications, enhanced user control, transparency, and security, along with an adaptable interface for smartphones and bigger screens, Linux smartphones are an attractive option. However, the current state of "Linux for Smartphones" is not sufficiently developed for the majority of users. To ensure our customers receive a reliable, secure, and professional-grade smartphone, we have opted for GrapheneOS.

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    Disclaimer: GrapheneOS is at at the forefront of privacy and security technology, offering state-of-the-art protection for your digital life. However, it's crucial to understand that the security provided also relies on responsible user practices. While GrapheneOS sets a high standard in device security, no system can negate the risks associated with user error or unsafe practices. By using this device, you acknowledge the need for vigilant and informed use to maintain its robust security features. Aus Security Products is not responsible for improper handling or usage of the device.

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