Earthing Plug and 5-Meter Cord Set

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Earthing AU / NZ Plug + 5meter product cord with dome connection;

This plug is for use with our Earthing products, such as Premium Earthing underlays, throws, sheets, pillow covers, wristbands etc.

Before connecting any Earthing product, you must always ensure the power socket is safe. A socket tester will ensure that each plug is correctly wired and connected to Earth. 

It has two earthing inputs, so up to two cords can be connected simultaneously. (Please note if you have one of our older USB connection plugs, they will not go into the inputs of this plug. Let us know, and we can provide more '5m product' cords. 

Suitable for use in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Argentina and Papua New Guinea.

If you doubt your mains system is properly earthed, we advise using a socket tester to check.

The plug does not transfer electricity and does not require the power to be on; it makes no difference. ONLY the Earth pin is metal and connects only to the Earth on a power socket.

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