OFFGRID® USB Data Blocker PRO 3.0 USB-C

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The USB Data Blocker grants devices immunity from viruses or invasion when used to connect to untrusted USB ports. This handy tech accessory blocks unpermitted data transfer to ensure that a device’s information is not stolen by outsiders.

The USB connector also boasts lightning-fast charging capabilities. Use the USB Data Blocker to plug into any port in full faith that your device and data are safe from non-consensual surveillance.

This small converter plays a big role in data protection when on the go. A USB Data Blocker liberates individuals from fear and avoidance of unknown power sources so they can plug in whenever and wherever.

  • Metal exterior and ABS plastic interior make for a lightweight yet sturdy design
  • High-speed charging capabilities

Size: 0.75” x 1.7” x 0.43”

Weight: 0.63 oz.

Material: ABS plastic interior + metal exterior

USB-C These blockers support super-fast charging and have a chip that blocks the data but recognizes the fast-charging protocols. 


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