Schild Organic Double Lined EMF-Protective Lap / Baby Blanket Grey

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More than just a soft, comforting blanket, this is also a guardian for you and your loved ones against invisible Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Tucked between the layers of organic cotton is a unique material - silver fibre, known for providing superior EMF protection.

In our buzzing world filled with Wi-Fi and mobile signals, the long-term effects remain unknown. Rather than taking chances, especially when it comes to our children, we've created this blanket to serve as a gentle, protective barrier against these unseen fields.

Beyond EMF protection, this blanket represents our commitment to your health and your baby's well-being. It's your first step towards creating a safer, healthier home environment. The blanket blocks high frequency RF from cell phones, WIFI, laptops up to 99.9% effectiveness. It is tested by accredited lab up to 20 GHz. Protect your baby during pregnancy and early childhood when they are at highest risk for radiation exposure at a younger age. It provides the ultimate EMF radiation protection.

Blanket Highlights:

  • A versatile lap blanket, baby blanket, or protective bump covering
  • Composed of 100% organic cotton outer layers, available in cream or grey
  • Features an inner layer of 100% silver fibre for superior EMF shielding
  • Thoughtfully designed in Australia
  • Easy to care for: hand or machine wash in cold water (below 30C / 86F) with neutral detergents. Hang to dry, no tumble drying, ironing, or bleaching
  • Dimensions: 75cm x 75cm

Enjoy the peace of mind our blanket brings, knowing you're reducing exposure to EMFs at home or on the go. It's the perfect size for your little one or a convenient, portable size for adults.

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