Xiaomi DUKA EMF Meter Model ER-1

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The Duka EM-1 is an excellent and highly affordable EMF detector.
The detection range can reach between 5Hz~3500MHz with a highly sensitive and fast response time.
When the ER-1 detects any radiation leakage, the detector will respond quickly and sound an alarm.

The flashing light of the ER-1 will light up and display the radiation value immediately.
Old data is cleared with one easy button and then can be used normally after clearing no need for re-calibration.

Suitable for EMF detection around the house or workplace.


  • LCD colour high-definition large screen display
  • Alarm sound, flashing light, display radiation value triple alarm one key to clear old data,
  • Lithium battery cyclic charging,
  • Universal USB interface
  • Fast charging
  • Non-slip design on the side

xiaomi duka


  • Commonly used household appliances 
  • Electromagnetic radiation tests: mobile phone, computer, TV set, refrigerator and high voltage cable radiation test.
  • Radiation protection product test: test effects of radiation-proof clothes, radiation-proof film and other prevention articles.

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