YSHIELD GF3 | Grounding housing 80x80 mm

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Standard-sized surface/flush mounting housing 80x80 mm, for the installation directly on shielding products or for clamping the grounding straps. With three clamping points for grounding straps for all surfaces with shielding paint, shielding mesh, shielding plaster, reinforcement fabric. Usage on the interior as well as the exterior (additional seal necessary). One piece is needed per surface. Flush mounted with a height of 11 mm is thinner than a drywall construction board.

  • Connectivity: 3 clamping points. 2 cable connections. (Cable sold separately)
  • Aluminium plate 75x75x2 mm, plastic cover 80x80x11 mm, 20 cm grounding strap, all necessary screws, discs, dowels, cable lugs and a screwing tool with Torx®-Bits. 

Content: 1 piece
 110 g

Cable is not included in the scope of delivery – we recommend the pre-assembled cables GL.

PDF: Technical data sheet

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